Why a Blog?

So here I am, signed up for a blog site and with no clue where to begin. As with most things. I’m hoping the whole thing will become clear as I progress.

So who am I and why would anyone read this? Well, I am a married mum of two children, one is a fashion-conscious teenage girl and the other is a football-mad boy. I know there are many out there that can already relate to the pull-and-tug games I play at weekends with that scenario. We’re a slightly unconventional family set-up in that I work full-time in London and my husband stays at home for the children. It’s not for everyone, but it works for us. Most of the time. Except when I want more money, or more personal time, or just generally have the hump and want MORE!!!  Those days are rare, however, and tend to come in bunches like herds of little mini-cows, all moo-ey and attention-seeking and with much stamping of the feet, and then disappearing off over the hill until the next time.

My interests include netball, about which I am passionate. With a good friend, we set up a ladies netball team for our village, which I am extremely proud to say is in its fourth year and goes from strength to strength. It is very satisfying, if time-consuming, but I love it and never regret doing it. I also like to sail, when the opportunity arises, and each time I think I get a little better at it. One of these days I plan to formalise it with some sort of qualification, but then I say that about a lot of things and never quite find the time.

I’m into sleek, beautiful sports cars and driving fast. I like schmaltzy films, books, biographies, and spend a good portion of my lunch-hour reading other peoples’ blogs on the internet. 

I’m over Facebook and don’t understand Twitter. Electronic banking is a joy. iTunes frustrates me and costs me a fortune.

The main thrust of my blog will be, I think, the trials and tribulations of family life as a working mum, my search for fulfilment in my quest to become a successful writer and the odd comment/rant on the politics of being a resident of a small village where planning applications, selfish neighbours and small-mindedness threaten the English idyll.

That’s all for now. Be back soon. What do you think?


About pigletinapoke

I am a forty-something married mum of two, working in London and commuting a crazy amount of hours so I can enjoy living at the coast at weekends! I'm into netball, jointly coaching and running a successful ladies club. I also sail whenever I get the chance and took part in the Trans-Atlantic leg of the Clipper Round The World yacht race in 2009. I like movies, particularly stuff by Nancy Meyers in whose set designs I want to spend my life. I devour novels, biographies and anything to do with self-improvement. I like to drive fast and live slightly dangerously, attempting to experience everything and everywhere before my time is up. That's me in a nutshell - I hope you enjoy my blog. If you would like to use any of my articles or the pics, I would appreciate very much if you could ask me first. Never known to refuse to date. Thanks!

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