Looting? But Men HATE Shopping Don’t They??

Looting in London is all over the news. It’s taken over from phone-hacking and the world recession as the single most talked about thingamajiggy on Twitter and Facebook today.

But I am confused. The majority of the looters shown on TV and press are male. Men hate shopping, don’t they? Many’s the time I’ve had the world-weary sighing and protracted bleating from the male species when I have suggested that my wardrobe needs an intravenous drip. My better half has to put “Bluewater” into the SatNav as he leaves so long between visits he forgets where he’s supposed to be chauffering me.

So how come all these blokes on the TV suddenly know a) exactly where the shops are; b) exactly what kids want for birthdays/Christmas (ie mobile phones, laptops and cameras); and c) the best price to pay for such things (i.e. FREE) – when they never could summon the enthusiasm before?

Something’s amiss.

Not to mention they are all appropriately dressed for the task. There is a definite “tailored-for-shopping” look going on out there. Comfortable trainers (Nike or just plain nicked), black and grey colour palette (so as not to distract from colourful potential purchases/thefts), and hoodies in case there is bad weather while they’re out “shopping”. Rather well-planned.

They’re also depicted with a drink in their hand, or as having had one recently. This is becoming tantamount to an episode of Sex and the City. They’ll be making a programme about it next, you wait and see. “Theft An’ Narky”. I like it, it has a catchy ring to it.

Oh, I know. I’m being terribly silly about it all, but honestly, I’ve had enough today of all the do-gooding, nosy parker commentators out there championing causes of action from behind their nice safe desks, demanding National Service, public birching and a return to hanging. Most of these people have never been to Tottenham, Brixton, Peckham or the like so how would they know how it is to live and work there anyway? Yes, it’s awful and I do genuinely feel for those DIRECTLY affected. But talking, talking, talking about it for some 24 hours straight now is simply giving these yobbos what they want. Please shut up Twittering, get out from behind your desk if you are near to one of the areas affected and actually start helping; or else be quiet and stop giving these miscreants airtime.

While I’m slightly taking the pee here, I do realise that social unrest is a serious issue. Cameron, the government and society as a whole must address it, for everyone’s sakes. But it is hard to feel sympathy in the face of such blatant opportunism. A fact that was nicely condensed down for me by my 15 year-old. Playing Devil’s Advocate and discussing some of the reasons why looters may feel justified, she said, “Mum, if the looters steal stuff to sell because they are poor and need to feed their families, wouldn’t they be better off breaking into Tesco’s and getting the ACTUAL food, rather than Curry’s for electricals?” Um, yes. Good point actually. She’d make a terrible yobbo with such logic. Thank goodness for that.

Photo credit: sewterific.com


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  1. Sadly I very much doubt any of them are stealing in order to feed their children….

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