Guest Post: @Pint-SizedMoo in the Jungle

So last week I tagged the wonderful @PintSizedMoo, a lovely Twitter friend,  on this continuing “I’m a Celebrity” meme, but since she’s not yet blogging (despite having a fascinating take on life), I invited her to respond via a guest post on my blog. So, before they announce the King/Queen and we all collectively go “Nooooooo, not FATIMA!”,  here she is taking the floor: @PINTSIZEDMOO!

Here it is @pintsizedmoo – The Interview:

1. What is the one thing about being a parent that makes you scream, ‘GET ME OUT OF HERE!’
Teenage logic – when they think they have the perfect comeback to your argument and it makes perfect sense in their head; just no one else’s.

2. What skills, if any, do you have that would be useful in the jungle?
Quite handy in the kitchen so I’d like to think that I could add a few (non-poisonous) things here and there to make food a bit more interesting.  Also I think I would be pretty good as a mediator when people got themselves into arguments. Oil on troubled water and all that…

3. How are you likely to annoy people if you were stuck with them for three weeks?
Not being argumentative enough. Some people like a really good rant, fight, shout, squawk.  I’ll never be one to put my fists up.

4. What is the worst thing you have ever eaten?
Can’t think of anything truly revolting that I have eaten.  I think I’ll go with tapioca pudding from school.  That was revolting.  That and semolina.

5. What luxury item would you take into the jungle with you?
I guess I wouldn’t be able to take an ipod.  I do find it easier to do anything with music in the background and it’s a great mood enhancer/antidote.  So, failing that, it would be some moisturiser.  Similarly vain as Piglet confesses to be, and I wouldn’t want to come back any more of a wrinkly old prune than when I went in.

6. What is the most daring thing you have ever done?
Diving from a 5m diving board.  Used to dive regularly when I was a pre-teen.  The 3m board was ok but the 5m board scared me witless.

7. Who would you miss most if you went into the jungle with a bunch of strangers?
My husband and my two best friends, Gail and Nic. Oh, and my gorgeous labrador, Dizzie.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my children too, but they are learning to be independent so I’ll leave them to it while I’m in there.

8. What celebrity, alive or dead, would you like to have with you in the jungle?
I think Louis Theroux would be a cool guy to have in the jungle.  I like his dry style and I reckon he could tell some fairly fabulous stories.

9. What would scare you about being in the jungle?
Having to eat something revolting in a challenge.  I honestly don’t think I could manage that without “chundering ev’rywah” (which will mean nothing if you haven’t seen Youtube Gap Yah).

10. After leaving the jungle, you go to a luxury hotel. What’s the first thing you do?
Have a shower with some Jo Malone shower gel and then slather some JM body lotion all over.  I like the word ”slather”.

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